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Your voice is as unique as you are.

Discover your authentic voice and feel the full potential of embodied sound - both as a way to connect with yourself AND  to something bigger than yourself.

I offer 2 private online courses at the moment.
There you have the chance to work 1:1 with me over a period of 4-6 weeks.

I created these courses to welcome you to the realm of sound, to the magic of sound, to the space that is created within you and around you when your true voice, your resonating sound is vibrating. There is an immense difference between singing, speaking and an embodied voice. My courses don't teach you how to sing, they invite you to sing your true self, to live your sound by creating space within you through your breath, your body and your voice. You have everything you need within you, let's uncover it.

Registration: info @ voice-body-breath . com


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Voice body breath work with me

Ava Bonam is a certified voice therapist and artist.
She is also a naturopath
(Heilpraktiker) for women's health and body therapy.

"I founded Voice Body Breath to create a space for people to experience their voice, breath and body in a deep way. Singing, breathing and living in the body to me is the skill to listen, perceive, feel and see; it's a doing word."

"To me, voice as sound is the main driving force in my work, both therapeutically and artistically. Creating sounds that vibrate in a body, but then become larger than the body and tap into something universally, is a calling I have long been interested in. In fact, the first memory I recall is me singing and being amazed by how the sound I create interacts with my body in the form of a physical sensation, a vibration and feeling."

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