Breathing Training

 Breathing Training - Return to your physiological breath.


 What is Breathing Training?

Our breath is navigated by the autonomous nervous system and usually an unconscious process. With the help of the diaphragm and the intercostal muscles, air is pumped into the lungs, oxygen permeates into the blood stream and carbon dioxide is flushed out with the exhale. You can lose the ability to breathe correctly - luckily you can also relearn it! Many people's breathing is too shallow, too fast, they use the wrong breathing muscles, they breathe through the mouth and get a feeling of breathlessness. All this can lead to an insufficient movement of the inner organs, less oxygen in the cells and tension in your muscles, especially your neck, throat and shoulder muscles.

Breathing Training allows you to return to your physiological (natural) breathing rhythm. Together we will find your natural breath - that is an active process that is repeated as long as it becomes an unconscious routine to you. A central part of the breathing training is body work, because breathing is directly connected to your body tension. When you are worn out and floppy or when you are tensed and stressed, it will show in your breathing and vice versa. The same goes for your posture - we will have a look at your groups of muscles, and together develop relaxation and massage techniques that help you to return to an upright posture that is not mechanical, but a fluid movement of your whole body.


 How to book a session?

Please write a message using the contact form down below. Write a bit about yourself and propose possible dates that work for you. I work in person (in Berlin Kreuzberg-Neukölln) and online, I do private sessions on a weekly basis or on demand. I also do house calls if you are restricted in your mobility. You can also book me for group trainings at your office or place, just get in touch down below.


 How many sessions will I need?

That is totally up to you. As a general rule, bad behavioural patterns first need to be unlearned to make space for the new healthy habits to blossom - and breathing training is no exception to that rule. Depending on body awareness and discipline, for one it will be a speedy process, for another is will be slower. Much can be experienced in just one session, much can be learned and unlearned, but you should keep in mind that it is a process and that you should not stress yourself out. But you decide for yourself. I recommend regular sessions in the beginning and once you have found your own rhythm and feel a sense of ease, just do a check in after 3,6 or 12 months.

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