Voice Body Breath is a space for spiritually interested people who want to experience their voice, body and breath in a different way.
'Spiritual' to me means the skill of the senses to perceive so intensely that it transcends the rational.

Voice 〉
Therapeutical Voice
Voice Training

Body 〉
Tibetan Singing Bowl Massage

Breath 〉
Breathing Training

Have a look around and find out more! If you want to know more, please don't hesitate to contact me.
The voice is carried by the breath. The breath flows through your body. Voice, body and breath are a unit and that's why breath and body work are always a part of the Voice Sessions, the body is always a part of the Breath Sessions, and the breath and sometimes even the voice are part of the Body Sessions.
I think and live holistically and that is portrayed in my sessions.

My place of work is a beautiful bright room on the 4th floor, peaceable and full of plants in Kreuzberg-Neukölln (Reuterkiez) near to the Maybachufer in Berlin. I offer all sessions (except singing bowls) online as well. I do house calls if you are restricted in your mobility.

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