If you happen to have come across my page, then you are most probably interested in topics such as voice, breath, body, energy and sound. That's great!

The work I do is all about  f e e l i n g . Feeling your voice, feeling your breath, your body, energy and sound. Everything I offer here on my website is meant to open up the ability to connect deeply with your body, to perceive the world and yourself in more subtlety.
I had the opportunity to learn from many teachers about all the topics I wanted to delve into deeply - some of these experiences were magical, some awful, but what I have definitely learned is that mechanic practices, the mechanical performance of exercises that someone somewhere sometime invented, avail to nothing if you don't really feel these exercises and if they don't have a deeper sense for yourself in that very moment you are doing them. Even great discipline won't get you anywhere with this approach.
That's why I speak against methods, because a method (be it a vocal school or traditional breath work technique) is a frame you have to fit into, but I truly believe that the "frame" should be You and the exercises should be adapted to your needs and not the other way around. That's why I love voice therapy, because voice therapy devotes itself to the fundaments of your physiological breathing, singing and speaking and gives the greatest space for the development of your personality.

Holism is a huge part of my life and thus also my work. Voice therapy and energy work is the interface between voice training/breathwork and psychotherapy. A good example for this is stage fright. Stage fright is a fear! Even if we do lots of vocal exercises, the fear of speaking or singing in front of people is a psychological or energetic one. The release of anxiety, deeply stored in your body tissue, or unconscious behavioural patterns can be as much part of a voice/breath session as you wish it to be, you decide. Body work and Reiki are very beneficial for that. My understanding of holism includes the eyeing of something from various perspectives - for example, when it comes to stage fright we could look at which vocal exercises are needed that you feel most confident with your voice. Which relaxation and breath work exercises ground you the most before your performance? What kinds of food and herbs support and which do not support your performance and generally speaking your constitution? What causes the stage fright on an emotional level? How can we release the anxiety from your body (voice therapy, reiki, homeostasis)? What other topics are very present in your life at the moment (astrological cycles)? The possibilities to look into an issue are manifold - and that's what holism means to me. But even if you just want to learn more about your voice and connect to your breath, or if you "just" want a Reiki session, that is truly wonderful! I want to give you the space and inspiration to be at your side and help you the way you want and the way I can to support you in your way of being.

My work space is a beautiful, bright room on the 4th floor (I'm sorry, not disability-friendly) with lots of plants in Neukölln Reuterkiez near Maybachufer. Many of my offerings are also available via online training.

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Holistic Voice Training for Singers and Speakers

Voice Massage

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Breath & Voice Release



Tibetan Singing Bowls



Physiological Breath



Holistic Voice Training for Singers and Speakers

Your voice is unique.
How to train your voice, how to warm up properly, how to make it stronger, smoother, how to fully engage with your voice - but most importantly: How do you use your voice?

To fully experience the uniqueness of your voice in all its richness and multifacetedness demands vocal confidence and voice techniques that are easy and fun to learn. You may need to unlearn certain behaviour, discover new sounds, but as soon as you hear your vibrant timbre and know that you can trust your voice even in situations that might appear stressful (like being on stage or speaking in front of an audience), every voice training exercise will be even more fun.
Suited for professional singers and speakers, as well as non-professionals and motivated beginners.

Sessions - The one hour long sessions are intense and individually composed. We might rehearse a song or a speech, do vocal exercises for singing or speaking (e.g. to expand your vocal range, refine your timbre etc.) or combine elements of vocal techniques and performance. The sessions are as unique as your voice is. Double sessions are possible, too.

Trainings - Trainings are suitable for singers, speakers and non-professionals who want to evolve their voice on a long-term basis. Over a longer period of time we will focus on meditation and breathing exercises, massage as well as speaking and singing techniques to allow your breath to come back to its physiological source and your voice to come out clearly and without pressure.

º also available as online session via Skype

Voice Massage

Voice is sound. Sound is vibration. Vibration conciliates. Emotions, stress, tension are loosened, coughs and sneezes eased and tired voices revived. We experience our body as a vibrant instrument - quite similar to a guitar: The resonating body of a guitar amplifies the sound of a plucked string, allowing the tone to become vivid, multi-faceted and warm. We, too, have resonant cavities in our body, and when fully used they open up new worlds of sound frequencies (overtones).
Each session starts with breath work that not only clears your airways, but also is the basis for your voice: We sing and speak on the exhale. We then continue with the actual sound massage that benefits both professional singers and speakers as well as beginners or interested amateurs: Soothing exercises for the voice and its resonant cavities, stretching and soft massages. A sound massage transforms density to expansion. Experiencing your vibrant voice will boost your vocal confidence and expression.

Sessions - An individual session (60 min) is ideally suited for experiencing the vibration of your resonant cavities. The guided session unlock blockages fast, help to loose tension and emotions and subserve to ease coughs and sneezes and revive tired voices.

º Sessions only available locally in Berlin


Breath & Voice Release

Breath & Voice Release is a form of body work that focuses on creating sounds with your voice, body movements and breath patterns to help release a specific issue. Experiences are stored in the body tissue and cannot be released solely through talking. Your voice and your breath can help you to release past experiences.


º Voice & Breath release only available locally in Berlin 


"Reiki is like acupuncture, but without the needles." Someone once said this to me and it couldn't be more true.
Reiki is a spiritual healing practice with its roots in Japan. Rei, meaning your energetic essence, and Ki, meaning life force energy, and together it describes a subtle form of energy work.
I practice hands-off Reiki, simply because I feel the most this way. Sometimes when I feel it is necessary, I do hand-ons healing, but this is an intuitive decision. Reiki sessions with me are usually combined with some breath work before and after, and if some heavy emotions may come to the surface, it is possible to release them with voice & breath work. Some people do feel quite a bit during the Reiki session, some don't - and that's just fine.
Depending on your needs, e.g. clearing stagnated energy, transforming subconscious belief systems etc., you will be laying down on a massage table or you will be seated. No Reiki session is the same.

Sessions - A Reiki session usually lasts for 60 minutes.

º Sessions available locally in Berlin, and distance Reiki available worldwide.



Astrology is a divination tool to know yourself. You have the free will to choose differently, but how would life be if it were but a little more affluent?
During an astrological session, we will have a look into your natal chart and try to find answers and resolutions to your questions.

Sessions - One hour long astrological conversation.

º Sessions held locally in Berlin or worldwide through Skype.

Tibetan Singing Bowls

A sound massage with Tibetan singing bowls is something that cannot be described. Even if I'd try, the feeling of the vibration on your body is impossible to describe.
I place the singing bowls directly on your body, using the chakra points to clear stagnated energy. It truly is wonderful experience, very calming and soothing.

Sessions - A session lasts for 60 minutes.

º Sessions available locally in Berlin and online worldwide.



Physiological Breat  ∞  Breath Work

Breathing is the basis of your body to live.
Mindful breathing and breath work are forms of active meditation that get you out of your head and back into your body. Focussed breathing anchors you to the here and now. Breath work brings awareness to the present moment, allowing us to calm our overactive minds. This makes space for our body to tell us what it needs - and that's when the transformation begins.
There no official definition of what Breathwork is about. It varies from Breathwork facilitator to the next, just as your breath flows differently in every situation. But Breathwork itself is like a guided meditation.
It is a practice that is very dear to my heart and I am humbled to do this work because the breath is no less than your life force energy. And if you are reading this I kindly ask you to be mindful of instructions you get (in yoga studios or seminars) when someone asks you to breathe in deeply, hold your breath and breathe out fully. This is neither a natural nor a healthy breathing pattern and if done so without a deep intention, it will falter your breathing. So why would you want to topple your life force energy?
Breathwork is quite trendy at the moment, so please be mindful of what you are following. It is not advantageous to disturb the natural rhythm of your breath without a deeper meaning and without considering your individual needs.
Breathwork is a wonderful experience, you get the chance to let go of things, to call them in, to relive something - I can also help you to find your topic.
I offer Breath Work as a single session and as a couple session, focussing on topics that you would like to transform. If you are interested in a group session, get in touch and I'd be glad to facilitate a group breath work session at your space.

Physiological breath is your natural breath. Breathing itself is unconscious, when it is conscious it would be considered Breathwork. People often refer to the physiological breath as "breathing into your stomach", which is anatomically incorrect, but what happens when you fully use your breathing muscle (the diaphragm) is that your pelvis moves and your intestines get a nice massage. During the session we will focus on your posture and develop your natural (physiological) breath in stillness and in motion.
Just take a deep breath!
The session is for people who wish to develop a better, deeper breathing. The reason I differentiate between Breathwork and Physiological Breath is that most humans on this earth forget how to breathe properly. Reasons for this are manifold: Sucking in your stomach to appear thinner, poor posture, tension, traumatic experiences etc. 

Sessions - I offer 60 minutes and 30 minutes session of Breath Work.


º Sessions held locally in Berlin for Breath Work. Physiological Breath Work is also available online.

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