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∴ Therapeutical Voice. Therapeutical Breath ∴

Through coaching I support you in exploring and leveraging your inner colours – in all their shades and hues.
You will become self-aware and experience how you can meet your unconscious patterns honestly and self-responsibly, how you can value them and ultimately transform them.

The heart of my work is the loving focus on body and feelings. Go beyond the mind – we leave the realm of analytical thinking behind and enter the world of symbols, the subconscious mind. Only a small part (5-10%) is conscious, the biggest part (90-95%) is subconscious. In order to work with the subconscious, I draw from a variety of diverse methods, so that the sessions are perfectly geared to your specific needs.

Come as you are.
You are in need of support and guidance?
→For example:
Vocal problems, breathing problems, consistently repeating feelings / situations, questions of meaning, symptoms of any kind, challenging situations in your work and personal life etc.

Another part of my work is to be on hand with help and advice as a mentor in the field of the speaking and singing voice. I offer therapeutical as well as functional vocal coaching for professional singers and speakers.

What ever leads you to me, you are more than welcome.

     Integrative Methodology

I work interdisciplinary and holistically and draw from a treasure box of methods that I have learned through trainings over the years. Thanks to that we can view your specific issue from many different perspectives, to holistically understand it and transform it into something beautiful.

stimmtherapie Conversation
A session offers space and time to reflect and to voice thoughts.

stimmtherapieVoice Training
Embracing a holistic approach, I appreciate the individual as a unity of all physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual facets. That's why the functional vocal work as a singer and speaker is as important as the emotional dimension of a specific situation.

stimmtherapieBreathing Therapy und Breathwork
Breathing is the basis of our lives: Without breath, there's no life. We sing and speak while exhaling and we massage our abdominal organs through deep, physiological breaths which open up inner spaces in the body and lead to relaxation.

stimmtherapie Sound Bath
Resonating with vibration. I play Tibetan Singing Bowls on your body. Your body will resonate with the vibration and thus, balance is inspired.

stimmtherapie Body Work und Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR)
To embrace euphony within the body, an ideal body tension is necessary. If certain areas of your body are too tight (hyper) or too loose (hypo), it will have an impact on your whole body. Through a coaching, I support you in exploring and feeling your body.

stimmtherapie Vocal Scope Work, Drawing, Creative Writing and other gestalt therapeutical methods
like free and guided improvisation, biography work, creative moulding etc.

thetahealing Energetic Methods
Working with a variety of energetic methods helps you to experience deeply rooted belief systems at various levels. Energetic blockades can be observed, transformed and integrated.
It helps you to understand your innate cycles and to perceive and release patterns as well as masks/roles. There is no physical limit to working with energetics, it brings you closer to your innate intuition and focusses on perceiving and feeling.


I work at a beautiful, bright space on the 4th floor*, undisturbed and with various plants, located in Kreuzberg/ Neukölln (Reuterkiez, close to Maybachufer).
(sadly, not suited for people with impaired mobility – but I offer home visit)


Do you want to know more or would you like to book a session?
Feel free to contact me!

I also offer sessions online.

Mail: info@voice-body-breath.com
Please include your mobile number if you would like to talk before our session. I will call you back.



Practice space wanted:
As a naturopath (Heilpraktikerin), I am looking for a suited practice space in a joint practice at the moment. If you know of something, please get in touch. Thank you!



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Ava Bonam is a voice therapist, musician, author, breathwork facilitator and astrologer. She believes that mental and emotional health is key to well-being. She practices yoga with a focus on Kundalini and Yin. She is a herbalist, meditates passionately and helps people to love themselves radically with the help of astrology. She is the author of the oracle book “The Sacred Book of Questions (available in German and English). She lives in Berlin.

“I founded Voice Body Breath to create a space for spiritually interested people to experience the voice, the breath and the body in a deep way. 'Spiritual' to me means the skill to perceive so intensely that it transcends the rational."

Ava Bonam is a naturopath (Heilpraktikerin) and trained and certified in voice therapy, progressive muscle relaxation (PMR), Shiro-Mukhabhyanga, Reiki, Astrology, ThetaHealing. She has a university degree in cultural science and musicology.
At the moment, she is finishing her training in breath therapy and nutritional health.