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My name is Ava and I founded Voice Body Breath to support people who sing and speak professionally in connecting the voice to the breath and both to the body, creating a union and thus a strong and authentic vocal expression.

Holistic support
for professional Singers & Speakers*:

  • functional voice training
  • therapeutical voice work
  • myofascial release of all relevant voice and breath related muscles and fascia, as well as intra-oral massage
  • physiological and functional breath training
  • nutrition advice and individualized body, breath and voice exercises
  • artistic counseling, expression


*Who are professional singers and speakers?
I offer my holistic coaching to people who use their voice professionally: This may be people from the music and acting world, TV, broadcasting, but also teachers, project managers, podcasters etc.

Sessions for the voice, body & breath
for NON-professional Singers & Speakers

  • Your voice is too low and no one hears you in loud environments?
  • You are often told that you are hard to understand?
  • Your voice is not assertive enough in conflict-laden situations?
  • You have a hard time breathing and have the feeling you cannot really breathe deeply?
  • Your breathing is flat?


That's just a tiny selection of issues that may better be looked at with both a functional as well as a therapeutical approach. These sessions are open to all people, who want to improve their connection to their voice and breath.


Breath is not only the basis for singing and breathing and solely located in the upper body. It is more than that: The whole body breathes! The diaphragm and the pelvic floor create a union, the thorax widens, the belly muscles are smooth. During a breath work session, I support you in coming home to your physiological breath and I give you individualized breathing exercises for a long-lasting, deep and healthy breathing style.


Singing and breathing is vibration. But tensed muscles don't vibrate!
During the Bodywork Sessions, we look at your body as a muscular and fascial unified whole: Does your thorax widen? Does your pelvic floor move in unison with your breath? Is your tongue and jaw relaxed?

  • Thorax and diaphragm release
  • Intraoral Massage (mouth massage)
  • Pelvic floor synchronization with the diaphragm and breath
  • Release of all voice and breath relevant muscles

The bodywork sessions take place in my naturopathic office in Berlin-Friedrichshain and last for 3 hours.

     Integrative Methodology

I work interdisciplinary and holistically and draw from a treasure box of methods that I have learned through trainings over the years. Thanks to that we can view your specific issue from many different perspectives, to holistically understand it and transform it into something beautiful.

stimmtherapie Conversation
A session offers space and time to reflect and to voice thoughts.

stimmtherapieVoice Training
Embracing a holistic approach, I appreciate the individual as a unity of all physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual facets. That's why the functional vocal work as a singer and speaker is as important as the emotional dimension of a specific situation.

stimmtherapieBreathing Therapy und Breathwork
Breathing is the basis of our lives: Without breath, there's no life. We sing and speak while exhaling and we massage our abdominal organs through deep, physiological breaths which open up inner spaces in the body and lead to relaxation.

thetahealing Bodywork Methods
Emotions reside in the body. They can not only be released through voice and breath work, but also through touch and myofascial work. The pelvis plays a vital role not only for the voice and breath; instinctual emotions and traumatic experiences are stored there and can be transformed through bodywork.

thetahealing Energetic Methods
Working with a variety of energetic methods helps you to experience deeply rooted belief systems at various levels. Energetic blockades can be observed, transformed and integrated.
It helps you to understand your innate cycles and to perceive and release patterns as well as masks/roles. There is no physical limit to working with energetics, it brings you closer to your innate intuition and focusses on perceiving and feeling.

stimmtherapie Body Work und Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR)
To embrace euphony within the body, an ideal body tension is necessary. If certain areas of your body are too tight (hyper) or too loose (hypo), it will have an impact on your whole body. Through a coaching, I support you in exploring and feeling your body, using myofascial release as well as intra-oral massage.

stimmtherapie Vocal Scope Work, Drawing, Creative Writing and other gestalt therapeutical methods
like free and guided improvisation, biography work, creative moulding etc.

I work at a beautiful, bright space on the 4th floor*, undisturbed and with various plants, located in Kreuzberg/ Neukölln (Reuterkiez, close to Maybachufer).
(sadly, not suited for people with impaired mobility – but I offer home visit)


Do you want to know more or would you like to book a session?
Feel free to contact me!

I also offer sessions online.

Mail: info@voice-body-breath.com
Please include your mobile number if you would like to talk before our session. I will call you back.



From February 2022, you may find the part of my work that is emotion-centered bodywork at my naturopathic office for women's health and body therapy. Please go to www.goldlilie.de to make an appointment. Thanks!



You can follow me on Instagram: @voicewithava


Ava Bonam is a voice therapist and musician.
She is also a naturopath (Heilpraktikerin) for women's health and body therapy. She is trained and certified in voice therapy, progressive muscle relaxation (PMR), nutritional health, Shiro-Mukhabhyanga, Pelvic Floor Release, energetic methods such as Reiki and ThetaHealing. She is an astrologer and has a university degree in cultural science and musicology.
At the moment, she is finishing her training trauma therapy.
She lives in Berlin.


"I founded Voice Body Breath to create a space for people to experience their voice, breath and body in a deep way. Singing, breathing and living in the body is to me the skill to listen, perceive, feel and see; it's a doing word."