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Voice Body Breath is devoted to guiding you on the path of holistic healing through connecting your voice, your body and your breath.
Breath work and voice training are both forms of active meditation that bring awareness to the present moment, allowing us to calm our overactive minds. This makes space fore our body to tell us what it needs - and that's when the healing begins.

Services offered:

Individual Sessions  ∞  Trainings  ∞  Workshops

Sound Massage using your own voice

Holistic Voice Training for Singers and Speakers

Guided Meditation  &  Sound Healing through Mantras

Mindful Breathing  ∞  Breath Work


  Sound Massage using your own voice

Voice is sound. Sound is vibration. Vibration conciliates. Emotions, stress, tension are loosened, coughs and sneezes eased and tired voices revived. We experience our body as a vibrant instrument - quite similar to a guitar: The resonating body of a guitar amplifies the sound of a plucked string, allowing the tone to become vivid, multi-faceted and warm. We, too, have resonant cavities in our body, and when fully used they open up new wolds of sound frequencies.
Each session starts with breath work that not only clears your airways, but also is the basis for your voice: We sing and speak when exhaling. We then continue with the actual sound massage that benefits both professional singers and speakers as well as beginners or interested amateurs: Soothing exercises for the voice and its resonant cavities, stretching and soft massages. A sound massage transforms density to expansion. Experiencing your vibrant voice will boost your vocal confidence and expression.

Sessions - An individual session (60 min) is ideally suited for experiencing the vibration of your resonant cavities. The guided sessions unlock blockages fast, help to loose tension and emotions and subserve to ease coughs and sneezes and revive tired voices.
Trainings - Learn to apply the sound massage at home, to help yourself and your family.

º Sessions and Trainings held locally in Berlin or worldwide through Skype lessons.

Holistic Voice Training for Singers and Speakers

Your voice is unique.
How to train your voice, how to warm up properly, how to make it stronger, smoother, how to fully engage with your voice - but most importantly: How do you use your voice?

To experience fully the uniqueness of your voice in all its richness and multifacetedness demands vocal confidence and voice techniques that are easy and fun to learn. You will need to unlearn certain behaviour, discover new sounds, but as soon as you hear your vibrant timbre and know that you can trust your voice even in situations that might appear stressful (like being on stage or speaking in front of an audience), every voice training exercise will be even more fun.

Sessions - The one hour long sessions are intense and individually composed. We might rehearse a song or a speech, do vocal exercises for singing or speaking (e.g. to expand your vocal range, refine your timbre etc.) or combine elements of vocal techniques and performance. The sessions are as unique as your voice is. Double sessions are entirely possible, too.
Trainings - Trainings are suitable for singers who want to evolve their voice on a long-term basis.

º Sessions and trainings held locally in Berlin or worldwide through Skype lessons.

Guided Meditation & Sound Healing through Mantras

Listening - an easy art?
Guided Meditation und Sound Healing through mantras are forms of passive meditation that enhance awareness to the inner and outer voices.
With the help of music and the soothing sounds of singing bowls as well as intuitively composed words we take ourselves on the road to relaxation and healing. We move even deeper into meditation and inner stillness through listening to or actively chanting mantras.

Sessions - During the one hour long sessions you have the time to sink deep into meditation to relax and calm down. 1/2 sessions are recommend for people with a busy life style to come back down and relax before, during or after a full day.
Trainings - Learn how to sing mantras, internally and out loud. Silent mantras promote clear focus on whatever you want to do. Sung mantras support your meditation practice through the vibration of your voice.

º Sessions held locally in Berlin or worldwide through Skype lessons.

Mindful Breathing  ∞  Breath Work

Breathing is the basis of your body to live.
Mindful breathing and breath work are forms of active meditation that get you out of your head and back into your body. Focussed breathing anchors you to the here and now.
Just take a deep breath!
The effects of mindful breathing are equally physical, emotional and spiritual. We release blockages through guided breathing which activates the natural process of healing. Breath work fosters stress and anxiety to be released and brings you feelings of joy, clarity and lightness.

Sessions - One hour long sessions are intensive and emotional, help fast and release emotional blockages. Please schedule ideally. I recommend 1/2 sessions for those with a busy life who nevertheless want to stay centered and focussed.

º Sessions held locally in Berlin or worldwide through Skype lessons.

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