Voice Training

 The voice as a musical instrument -

An instrument to practice and grow.


 What is functional voice training?

The voice is a musical instrument that likes to be practiced to blossom. As with every other musical instrument, skill comes with practice. But if you practice incorrectly or for too long, you risk complications such as inflammations when you have in unhealthy posture while playing guitar or piano. Functional voice training differs from vocal coaching because it focusses less on performance, and more on the skill to rely on your voice but still give your voice the freedom to sound as it wants - because your voice sounds differente every day and that is totally fine! If you want to work professionally with your voice, you need a certain vocal basis from which you can give your voice the freedom of variation, but at the same time trust that you can rely on your voice and feel free.
Voice and breath training is as important as body work.

Functional voice training is for professional singers and speakers as well as enthusiastic non-professionals that want to get professional. I can help you to get fit before a tour, gig or studio day. We will create a practice plan together to mindfully train your voice. We can work on a song that you feel vocally unsure about. I can help you to unlearn unhealthy vocal patterns and establish vocal hygiene. I will help you to experience your body as the home of your voice.


 How to book a voice training session?

Send a mail to info@voice-body-breath.com, tell me a bit about yourself and propose some dates and times that work best for you for a session. I work in person (in Berlin Kreuzberg-Neukölln) and online, I do private session on a weekly basis and on demand. I also do bandcoachings and group trainings, just get in touch!

Get in touch!

Mail: info@voice-body-breath.com