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breathwork BerlinWhat is Breathwork?

Breathwork is an active form of meditation. The act of consciously breathing stimulates the physical level of your body as well as the mental-emotional level and spiritual level. On the physical level, the rhythm of deep breathing massages the inner organs and more oxygen permeates into your cells. That's a wonderful treat for the body to establish homoeostasis. Additionally, Breathwork uses special breathing rhythms and various elements such as visualizations, music, vocal expressions etc. to get yourself into a trance-like state, so that you are able to connect to the mental-emotional and spiritual creative powers within yourself.

I find it important to point out that Breathwork is not physiological - it is not natural breathing. Breathwork is an active meditation that should be practiced with an intention. This kind of rhythmic breathing should only be done during a Breathwork session! Breathwork Berlin.


breathwork Berlin What happens during a Breathwork Session?

Breathwork is as unique as the person who facilitates the session. There is no official guide to Breathwork. During my sessions, I personally find it important to work with the physiological, natural breath as a kind of frame. A transparent frame that creates the foundation on which we can ascend to the mental-emotional and spiritual level, and to which we can return again. I do not work with a music playlist, I rather come from the depths of silence and use sonic impulses such as singing bowls, the voice and drums. You can come into Breathwork session with an intention, and during a session you can also discover the intention of a deep emotion you carry. The possibilities are endless.


breathwork Berlin How to book a Breathwork Session?

Please write a message using the contact form down below. Write a bit about yourself and propose possible dates that work for you. I work in person (in Berlin Kreuzberg-Neukölln) and online, I do private and duo sessions, on a weekly basis or on demand. I also do house calls if you are restricted in your mobility. You can also book me for group Breathwork Session at your office or place, just get in touch down below.

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