Tibetan Singing Bowl Massage

 Tibetan Singing Bowl Massage


 What is a Tibetan Singing Bowl Massage?

You hear because your ears receive sound waves. You see because your eyes receive light waves. If you throw a stone into the water, you will see waves travelling to all sides. Our body consists of up to 75% water and as you can see on the photo above, when water vibrates, it creates beautiful structures. During a Tibetan Singing bowl massage you will benefit from exactly that: The singing bowls will structure your body tissues.


 What happens during a Tibetan Singing Bowl Massage?

I play different Tibetan Singing bowl, some bigger ones and some smaller ones, and I place them on and near your body. Every singing bowl sound different on different people - I will react to the sounds they create and you just relax, breathe deep and enjoy.


 How do I book a session?

Write a message using the contact form below and propose your preferred dates for a session. Tell me if you would like to book a 30 minute or 45 minute session. I do house calls if you are restricted in your mobility. Otherwise I work in Berlin Kreuzberg-Neukölln.
30 min Tibetan Singing Bowl Massage is 35€.
45 min Tibetan Singing Bowl Massage is 50€.

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